Quantum Sorcery
Quantum Sorcery: The Science of Chaos Magic
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Quantum Sorcery examines the connection between quantum physics and sorcery by asking, and attempting to answer, the question "How does magic actually work?" Historical and modern practices of sorcery and Hermetic Magic are examined in order to provide a foundation for the creation of this system. An overview of basic magical skills and practical techniques for their application is followed by basic primers on quantum physics and a number of cosmological theories and mathematical principles. These serve as a framework for understanding how fundamental forces and organizational principles operate at various physical scales, and how these concepts might be applied to magical workings.

Several systems of mind and manipulation are explored, and the relationship between energy and information is examined for the purpose defining a mechanism by which the Will of the sorcerer can be encoded symbolically into an instruction for the physical universe to act upon and realize. Finally, a set of magical exercises which utilizes the principles and techniques discussed throughout the book is presented as the foundation for creating a personal system of sorcery consisting of visualization, symbol manipulation, and the cultivation of a focused personal energy field.


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